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Mar 18, 2013 3:00am PDT
're not the majori majority. we're a minority religion. therefore, this is a very different attitude toward the church than other catholic churches. we are not spain, not ireland even. we recognize all of the other religions have an equal right to their beliefs. that's why they're hesitant on the pro choice issue, even to obey their deepest moral beliefs. but i want to get back to, let me stick to that because the first thing the pope did was call the chief rabbi in rome and open up a relationship. these things, respecting people, it's universal. we americans can agree completely on these good things, and that would be nice because i think we have an american religion. i think we agree on a lot of these things together. and i know what you were feeling when you said you were inspired because there's a common hope that we can find a common morality. >> you're coming back. we'll tall politics, but up next, the debt dual in washington. is something going to get done this year, and would a balanced budget hurt the economy? joining me for debate, the republican wlip in the house, kevin mccarthy,
Mar 20, 2013 6:00pm PDT
extremism. city leaders say it is unfair to characterize an entire religion as violent. where was the city when the propalestinian group ran its own hateful ads. >> i think the san francisco official reaction to our ads is obscene and absurd. they wouldn't condemn the hateful statements on the air even when specifically asked to do so. they are only condemning me for drawing attention to those statements as if this problem will go away if we ignore it. >> because of previous first amendment court rulings they must roll the ad. >>> an early morning blaze is still under investigation tonight. this stubborn fire took hours to contain. the flames destroyed two homes. falling power lines made it hard for firefighters to bring the fire under control. >>> from berlin to mountain view a piece of world history is about to get a bigger platform. two large pieces of the berlin wall will soon be in front of the library. they are currently at an office park. there are portions of the wall on display in other parts of the country but this is the only one in the bay area. no word on when the slabs will b
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2